Why become a 7switch affiliate ?

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1. Because it’s easy

There is not much keeping you from joining. If you are in the habit of sharing links on social networks or via your website to talk about a book, whether you are a reader, author, or publisher, 7switch can easily become part of your daily life. Connect with Facebook or Gmail and get your affiliate link on the page of the book you want by clicking on Sell.

No additional steps required! But you can take it further 🙂

2. Earn a little money and keep in touch!

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The allocation amount for a €10 book (taxes not included and payouts may vary)

Receive 15% the first year and then up to 21% thereafter if you use the 7switch affiliation when you talk about your books on your site or social networks.

Are you a Publisher? Sell your eBooks directly to your readers without incurring the significant costs required for the creation of an e-commerce site. Use 7switch as a marketing tool to interact with your readers and to get to know them.

Are you an author? Stay in touch with your fans and community by selling them your books on 7switch instead of having them purchased elsewhere. It is from you, and only you, that they will buy your books!

Do you love to read and share your favorites? Share them via 7switch and use the money earned to buy books, or something else 🙂

No worries: your readers will always find the format they need. 7switch automatically displays all the different possible e-formats available on the market to read any type of media. In addition, we have chosen the best partners (Stripe, PayPal) to always ensure maximum safety in payment options.

3. Because we are trusted by many

Sending your readers/fans/friends to 7switch means sending them to a platform they may already know. They will be able to consolidate all their purchases in their personal library, whether purchased so from you, via another affiliate or on the main website.

More than 10,000 customers trust 7switch and 200 affiliates already use us: we are waiting for you!

Élisa Boulard, Business Development Manager