Sell with 7switch 101

7switch offers a simple, accessible way to sell books directly, anywhere online. Here’s how to do it with a simple URL! See also: selling on a site or a blog (integrated basket).

Selling with a simple link

On each of the pages eligible for affiliation, on the right-hand side you will find the option to share directly…

on Twitter

sur Facebook

However, you can also use this URL to link from your site to an external page: a small, independent part of the site in your name, which does not link back to the main site. Tip: if you connect with your Google account or your Facebook account, your avatar will be displayed next to your name on these pages!

How does it work?

Don’t underestimate the power of the URL… to offer certainty about which books have been sold and who has sold them, 7switch URLs contain:

  1. The book’s EAN: its unique identifier
  2. The seller name, so that sales can be attributed to the right person

Trick ! The simplicity of the URL system allows easy automation to mass-generate URLs or even widgets. Want to sell 10 books, 100 books, 1000 books on your site? Then this is for you!

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