Our Frankfurt Book Fair in numbers

  • 8 hours of train for the Parisians
  • 24h of airplane travel for our colleague who came from San Francisco.
  • 1 Currywurst
  • 30 minutes of public presentation
  • 10 different nationalities met and people coming from 3 continents
  • 2 Hungarian sausages
  • 3 displays needed for our demonstrations
  • 4 cocktail parties with a few different exhibitors (we lost count of the glasses of wine)
  • 2 running sessions and 7000 steps per day on average (see the previous point)
  • 1 London Book Fair in March 2017

See you soon !


Élisa Boulard, Business Development Manager

7switch live presentation in Frankfurt on Wednesday 10/19

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Two days to go before the Frankfurt Book Fair begins ! As we said previously, 7switch will be there from start to finish in Hall 6.2/D101 to welcome you and introduce you to our online grassroots handselling tool.

Learn everything about 7switch by joining us at the Hot Spot Digital Innovation stage (Hall 6.2/ D71) for a live presentation on Wednesday, October 19th at 1:30pm.

How to disrupt the ebook market pie chart ?

Readers, bloggers, youtubers or even authors : when it comes to spread the word to online communities, influencers are the best allies of publishers not only marketing-wise but also to make real sales. Introducing 7switch, the grassroots social-networking platform that enables anyone to easily handsell their favorite books to their community. Let’s talk about deconcentrating the ebook market!

Details of the event on the Fair website.

See you there !

Why become a 7switch affiliate ?

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1. Because it’s easy

There is not much keeping you from joining. If you are in the habit of sharing links on social networks or via your website to talk about a book, whether you are a reader, author, or publisher, 7switch can easily become part of your daily life. Connect with Facebook or Gmail and get your affiliate link on the page of the book you want by clicking on Sell.

No additional steps required! But you can take it further 🙂

2. Earn a little money and keep in touch!

Capture d’écran 2016-10-06 à 14.43.40.png
The allocation amount for a €10 book (taxes not included and payouts may vary)

Receive 15% the first year and then up to 21% thereafter if you use the 7switch affiliation when you talk about your books on your site or social networks.

Are you a Publisher? Sell your eBooks directly to your readers without incurring the significant costs required for the creation of an e-commerce site. Use 7switch as a marketing tool to interact with your readers and to get to know them.

Are you an author? Stay in touch with your fans and community by selling them your books on 7switch instead of having them purchased elsewhere. It is from you, and only you, that they will buy your books!

Do you love to read and share your favorites? Share them via 7switch and use the money earned to buy books, or something else 🙂

No worries: your readers will always find the format they need. 7switch automatically displays all the different possible e-formats available on the market to read any type of media. In addition, we have chosen the best partners (Stripe, PayPal) to always ensure maximum safety in payment options.

3. Because we are trusted by many

Sending your readers/fans/friends to 7switch means sending them to a platform they may already know. They will be able to consolidate all their purchases in their personal library, whether purchased so from you, via another affiliate or on the main website.

More than 10,000 customers trust 7switch and 200 affiliates already use us: we are waiting for you!

Élisa Boulard, Business Development Manager

Let’s meet in Frankfurt !


After visiting several international fairs for the past year and a half it was about time that we pick one of them to set up our own stand !

Come and meet us at the Frankfurt Book Fair from October 19th to 23rd in Hall 6.2 / D 101. It is located in the Hot Spot Digital Innovation, feel free to come and say hi ! We will also be happy to schedule a meeting with you before, send us an email at contact@7switch.com.

See you there !

Élisa Boulard, Business Development Manager

Sell with 7switch 102

7switch offers a simple, accessible way to sell books directly, anywhere online.
Here’s the advanced method, if you have a personal website or blog.
See also: from social networks or with a simple link..

How to embed the shopping basket in your blog or your site : a 3-step method.

  1. Go to your chosen book page and click on « Configure widget (advanced) »Capture d’écran 2016-02-18 à 16.24.14
  2. Three levels of information and three different sizes: make your choice, then click on Generate for a preview.Capture d’écran 2016-02-18 à 16.28.35
  3. The automatically generated code can be copied and pasted to your site: give it a try!

Trick ! The 7switch basket remembers the site where a book was added to the basket, so a basket can contain several books from different sites: it will know how to distribute the sales correctly.

A few examples of insertion (in french) :

Philippe Scoffoni | Fontaine O Livres | Numériklivres

Sell with 7switch 101

7switch offers a simple, accessible way to sell books directly, anywhere online. Here’s how to do it with a simple URL! See also: selling on a site or a blog (integrated basket).

Selling with a simple link

On each of the pages eligible for affiliation, on the right-hand side you will find the option to share directly…

on Twitter

sur Facebook

However, you can also use this URL to link from your site to an external page: a small, independent part of the 7switch.com site in your name, which does not link back to the main site. Tip: if you connect with your Google account or your Facebook account, your avatar will be displayed next to your name on these pages!

How does it work?

Don’t underestimate the power of the URL… to offer certainty about which books have been sold and who has sold them, 7switch URLs contain:


  1. The book’s EAN: its unique identifier
  2. The seller name, so that sales can be attributed to the right person

Trick ! The simplicity of the URL system allows easy automation to mass-generate URLs or even widgets. Want to sell 10 books, 100 books, 1000 books on your site? Then this is for you!