Sell with 7switch 102

7switch offers a simple, accessible way to sell books directly, anywhere online.
Here’s the advanced method, if you have a personal website or blog.
See also: from social networks or with a simple link..

How to embed the shopping basket in your blog or your site : a 3-step method.

  1. Go to your chosen book page and click on « Configure widget (advanced) »Capture d’écran 2016-02-18 à 16.24.14
  2. Three levels of information and three different sizes: make your choice, then click on Generate for a preview.Capture d’écran 2016-02-18 à 16.28.35
  3. The automatically generated code can be copied and pasted to your site: give it a try!

Trick ! The 7switch basket remembers the site where a book was added to the basket, so a basket can contain several books from different sites: it will know how to distribute the sales correctly.

A few examples of insertion (in french) :

Philippe Scoffoni | Fontaine O Livres | Numériklivres

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